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Iron Warriors Sorcerer

Iron Warriors Sorcerer

Haven’t picked up the brush much this week, so I figured I would post another of my older models. Timing is fitting considering I just finished my Mentor Legion Librarians. Another classic sculpt, this metal Chaos model painted up as Iron Warriors Sorcerer has been part of my collection for probably 15 years – crap that makes me feel old. Anyway, of all the four chaos deities, Tzeentch has always been my favorite both from a story and model perspective, so it was only fitting that the 14th Grand Company’s representative be of the Great Schemer’s ilk. It also adds a great way to experiment with additional colors in an otherwise drab looking army. I mean, no one picks the Iron Warriors for an army based on the cool, vibrant paint scheme. While I have itched the color bug over the years with the multitude of other armies, I always come back to my original favorite. Its also fun to come back to this classic sculpts as a reminder of how fantastic we have it now. …

Behemoth Zoanthrope

Tyranid Zoanthrope

Because what is cooler than a floating brain with iity-bitty claws? How about add a row of menacing teeth in a snear? And with that, I present the Tyranid Zoanthrope from Hive Fleet Behemoth!   This is the ‘old’ Finecast model that was at least an upgrade for the extremely top heavy metal version, but that little point between the tail and the ground spike is a point that keeps breaking. To prevent this I have added a small pin so we will see how that holds up. The biggest question for the colors on this guy was what to paint the brain. I decided to keep it blue but reverse the highlights from the carapace so the depths were the white and dark blue on the ridges. This helps give a glowing, alien look to it and contrasts to the hard plates. I love the skin stretched over the brain. If GW ever asks my opinion for the greatest sculpt, this may be among my top 10, though the new plastic version is pretty cool …