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Good Reads 48 of Broken Paintbrush

Good Reads 48

Skip scrolling through the blog feed for a minute and check out this week’s list of Good Reads. I’ve collect some of the posts that have caught my eye over the last two weeks and gather them here for you to check out, catch up on if you fell behind, or maybe find someone new to follow. With that, here is Good Reads 48. Seeking Guidance Alex has joined in with The Chapel project to create a unique mix of backwoods clans in the 40k world.  This is his second Ostium Guild for the event and not only did he make these two incredible miniatures, but a great short story to go with them as well. Necron Destroyers Siph has just completed his third unit of Necron Destroyers with a nice looking half-field of blue. Combined with his Destroyer Lord he now has a Destroyer Cult formation to wipe out his enemies. AoS28 and Warhammer Quest AoS28 is picking up momentum and Crimson Oracle has combined it with his interest in expanding Warhammer Quest with …

Hobby Blog Collection Good Reads #36

Good Reads 36

Good Reads is all about sharing some awesome content from fellow hobby bloggers. Every day you guys are building, painting, and writing some amazing things. I try to gather some of my favorites here to share with all of my readers. Necron Triarch Necrons have always been one of those armies that I have wanted to do (killer robots are irresistible after all!). I also love blue, so when I saw Grenn’s Necron Triarch Praetorian, I had to share him here. It’s a fantastic metallic blue and green that adds interest to the metal warrior. Red Hunters I hadn’t heard of the Red Hunters until Gothmog’s post on them, but I really like how he used the Death Watch set to build them. It’s a great use of all those inquisitor bits for this specialty chapter and yet not painting more black and silver. Concrete Walls Line of sight blocking terrain is important for any gaming system and concrete walls are the simplest ways to do this. Scar Hand Painting wrote up a tutorial on how he …