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How to Photograph Your Mini

Huge List of Tutorials for Miniature Photography

You spent all this time to build and paint your mini, and now it’s time to share it with the world. Do yourself (and your work of art) a favor and take a bit of extra time to take the best picture you can. Below I’ve put together a bunch of tutorial links on miniature photography to help you do just this. I must admit that it kills me a bit inside when I see what could be a fantastic looking model but it’s hard to see because it was snapped on a busy desk or a bit blurry. As many of the articles below prove, you don’t need a fancy camera and photo studio to take good pictures. Just a bit of setup and care. So dive into the tutorial and find a few things that you could improve to improve your model’s glamor shot. Miniature Photography Basics For some good start-to-finish tutorials, these guides to miniature photography will help you get going. From something as simple as leaning a piece of paper against …

Review of the Foldio 2 Photobox

Foldio Unboxing Review

I’ve been struggling with a lightbox setup for quite some time now, and after reading a review from Greggles on the Foldio Lightbox, I recently took the dive and picked one up. I’ve put together my review and a couple of tips I have already found with it. The Foldio was a recent Kickstarter success, with this lightbox being their second, and larger, version. They’ve even got to the point that I was able to pick mine up from Amazon and get it in just two days. The biggest things I was looking for from a lightbox was to be able to break it down and store it between projects. I share my painting/hobby space with my other work projects, so being able to clear out table top room was a must. I had previously built a crude lightbox from an Ikea records box that closed nicely to put on a shelf but took over a whole shelf just to store. It was time to shrink the footprint while getting a larger lightbox – a solution …