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Cool Tools Bits Box for Organizing Spart Bits

Cool Tool: Bits Box

After building a brand new kit, many new hobbyists wonder why there are so many ‘extra’ pieces left on the sprue. As you make more and more kits, these extras start to pile up. At some point, you need to start the almighty bits box. What might start out as a plastic bag of the remainders can quick add up over the years. In today’s post, I’m going discuss a few ways to organize all those parts, and how doing so can help with your conversion skills. Options for Bits Boxes The term bits box can mean anywhere you store all the extra weapon options, helmets, and even unbuilt kits. Cardboard Box Often, the very first bits box is the same box the kit came in. The full sprues can be slid right back into the box for later use. A nice advantage of using the original box is that you know exactly what kit the part came from. Or if you are in need of the head from a particular set, you can quickly grab …