40k, Mentor Legion
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Mentor Legion Tactical Squad Three of the Second Company

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I haven’t given up on my marines. Here is Squad 3 of the 2nd Company Mentor Legion Tactical Squad led by Brother Sergeant Strel Jokin. The models are a mix of the Assault on Black Reach and the Tactical Squad box. To mark them out as second company the knee pads and shoulder pads I added yellow markings including personal markings and individualization.


Half of this squad was done over a year ago as a test/something new to do (here). Other than finishing the remaining five squad members, I also added battle damage to the original to make them all a bit worn. The damage was mostly done with a small sponge and dark grey to creating the chipping effect.


Since many of the additional troops were from the starter sets, I had to add the Mentor Legion markings by hand. I did cheat a bit though since I bought a Raptors transfer sheet from forge world (more on that in the future). After applying the decals and spraying it with a sealant, I painted over it with the red, treating it much like a stencil.

I have more of the legion finished and am working on the posts so stay tuned for more legion goodness!