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Good Reads Week 24

Welcome to another week of Good Reads where I showcase a handful of great blog posts from the last few weeks by other amazing bloggers. Check out the posts, hit up their blogs, and hopefully I can share something you may have missed.

Making Mud

Muddy Tracks by James Wappel

Muddy Tracks by James Wappel

James Wappel is best known for his ‘shaded basecoat’ technique and painting amazing models super fast. He does some great tutorials around the other aspects of the hobby including this great look at how he made very convincing mud bases for his Bolt Action tanks.

Another Mansions of Madness Painter

C'thonian by Scott Ferguson

C’thonian by Scott Ferguson

I’m still slogging through my miniatures from the Mansions of Madness game and it’s been great to watch Scott as he does a set as well. I’ve definitely stolen some ideas for the pieces I haven’t yet finished.

Removing the Shine from Decals

Emperor's Children by Judging Jester

Emperor’s Children by Judging Jester

Decals are hard enough to set in place to where you need them to, let alone make them look like they fit into the rest of the model.  Judging Jester put together his thoughts on Army Painter’s Anti-shine medium to get his decals to look amazing.

Moritat Conversion

Moritat by Dave Taylor

Moritat by Dave Taylor

Another fantastic painter, hobbyist, and all around great personality in the hobby world, Dave Taylor took the much used Nurgle Lord and created a fantastic Death Guard Moritat. It’s amazing what this model can be used for in the hands of these great hobbyists.

World Eaters Apothecary

World Eaters Apothocary by krautscientist

I also couldn’t pass by Krautscientist’s fantastic World Eaters Apothecary. Between the pose, the details, and the story, he does an amazing job of giving his hunters a sense of realism (and fear!).

Thanks again for checking out this week’s Good Reads. I hope you found some inspiration and things to try in your own hobby endeavors.

Did I miss a post you think should be included here? I don’t doubt that I did, as I try my best to keep up with all the amazing working being done out there. So if you felt that I missed out, post a link in the comments below!