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Dreadtober Build Showcase – See What They Built

You ready for some awesome! Dreadtober has started and the participants are ready to show you their built models. This is the Showcase of the second challenge for Dreadtober: Build the Model.

Dreadtober Build Showcase #2

Each participant was challenged this week to build their model, be it a dreadnought, Deff Dread, or Warjack. Below you will see each of their accomplishments, so cheer them on!


AJs Work in Progress

Progress is good! Had some issues with the airbrush on my highlights, but we will see how it goes. Magnets are set.

Facebook: vigilanteminiatures


Ashely Murder Fang Dreadnought

Finished my assembly this week. He’s a really fun model, I’m really looking forward to putting some paint on him his week.

Editor’s Note: Ashley did an awesome shoutout on the 40k Radio podcast for Dreadtober too! Check out Episode 6 around the 30 minute mark (listen to the rest for great 40k as well!)

Twitter: chickhammer  | Blog:



All the info should be here:

Facebook: NarrativeGuys

Grenn Dal

Grenndal Dragoon

I am progressing nicely and have finished the build phase and am moving onto the painting phase. I had to make a couple of molds to get an acceptable body for my Balistarius. I also had to use magnets on this build so I can swap between the two drivers. you can see my posts
here: and here:

Twitter: grenndal  | Blog:

Joe B.

Customized Dreadnought for the Mentor Legion

Built up the Iron Clad by removing all the Blood Angels bits, reposing the arms, and adding a few new bits. I wrote up a post on how I did it as well.

Twitter: brknpaintbrush  | Facebook: brokenpaintbrush | Instagram: brknpaintbrush

 Kyle Haydon

Kyle Contemptor Dreadtober

Progress this week went smooth aside from snipping off a thumb claw, which still needs patching. The claws are my principle addition to this already spectacular model – but the studded pturges help fill in its shape and movement I think!

Instagram: kyle.haydon – primary spot for the WIP work!

Twitter: KyleHaydon  | Instagram: kyle.haydon | Blog:


Marc's Techmarine Dreadnought

I sacrificed an Ork Killer Kan to the Omnissiah!



Norm Nondorf Dread

Got the first color on Da Skreema Killa last night.

Twitter: normnondo

The Mad Mek

Mad Mek Wrecking Deff Dread

I am working on a rescue model. A lot of the original parts were damaged or lost. I replaced one of the arms with a Wrecking Ball and went to two big shootas.


Mihalis “”Cadaver”” Skalkos

Cadavar's Contemptor

I tried to keep it as simple and original as possible. The model itself is a beauty and I don’t want to spoil it with too many conversions. That said, I only added some Death Guard photo etched iconography that I had laying around, adding to the model fluff and flavor. See more images at:


Lonely Kitbasher

My Amphis’ bane dread is flying together, and I’m so awfully excited about it! I’m going to be adding a multi-melta on the lascannon arm and somehow incorporating a heavy bolter into his CCW.

D Powers Scratch Built Dread
I learned something very interesting this week– there are never enough hours in a day for everything…

Blog: | G+: D Powers


Eric Traitor Contemptor Dreadnoughts

The 2 plastic Dreads are nearing completion sculpting wise. For The Devoured (left) I added a chain, and bodies attached to the hull and legs. The Devout, (right) I added impurity seals. The 3rd Dread is still in pieces, however I’m mocking up something special for the talon leader. I will put up a post tomorrow

Blog: | Instagram: eleive1

Anthony aka MasakiSayz

Progressing along with good speed! Assembled fully, but considering modification.

Anthony Killa Kan

G+: AnthonyPaoliMasakiSays


Rorys Helbrute

Lots of green stuff applied this week, more so than I have put on one mini before. The problem I had was silly, as I was trying to work on one section I would end up placing my hands on a bit I had already done. Leaving another finger print to be smoothed out! Eventually I managed to start holding it by the base and the very top of the mini, keeping the tools wet and playing around with things a little. Hence my Reaper Auto-cannon has a happy little snake face.

Bonus: Rory’s Guests

Not only is Rory building the awesome dread above, but is hosting a few of his friends’ projects as well. Make sure you check them out

Twitter: macantsagart  | Blog:

Doug Kus


I finished sculpting Trapjaw, of Masters of the Universe fame, with only some mold lines and basing left on my plate. The weapon arm is magnetized, and the ogryn head was modified in order to give him a metal lower jaw and skull crusher-style helmet. He will soon be ready for some paint.



theRhino Dreadnought

I got most of the model assembled in a night, magnetized the second night, and only a few small details like purity seals left. I’ll be making a custom base to match the rest of my Raven Guard.


Black Shield

Lamenters Dreadnought WIP

Progress is going smoothly, right now working on blocking in colours on the main body. The only pieces that are done is the blood claw and the leg armour.

Close up images of completed parts are posted on Twitter-@squizzato_eric

Twitter: squizzato_eric



Dread is held together with spit and bluetack for photo – will be painted in parts, so pose not yet final! Trickiest part was getting the right leg put back together in the right position after cutting it (and my thumb) to bits.

Blog: | Twitter: arkhanist

Dan D.

Dan Flying Tyrant

Converted model to add wings (from old ‘Clix’ model). Colors are mostly blocked. Paint scheme will be old school genestealer blue / purple with green gun. Really want to work on my shading and am going to try to get a ‘leathery’ pink/purple look on the wings using dry-brushing technique. I hope to have some of the model shaded next week. Also I can’t complete building because I want to paint under the bits and behind without them interfering.

Niklas D.

Niklas Helbrute

Model is built. Not much time to work on it yet. Goal is to get 3-4 colors on model and work on general painting techniques (only have painted 2 models in my life total so far).

Dave S

Dave S dreadtober

So I am woefully behind as work got a little crazy this week. Happy to have most of the big stuff done, all that’s left to model are the hoses and cables and some sculpting on the cloth.

Blog: | Instagram: thepolysmith


BruceT Dreadnought

I got off to a good start with airbrushing the sarcophagus, then brushed a wash over it. Big mistake! My W&N brush left brush strokes over it, so I had to start again! I’ve seen a couple of things that I would change for next time, such as smoothing out the filing of the plastic, just a totty bit more!


Facebook: Forged in the Warp



So, my week has taken a few unexpected turns and the build has not progressed as anticipated. I have, however, also made a start on the base – so ahead on one part, behind on another…

I’ll be doing my best to reclaim ground on the project in the coming days!

Blog: Dakka Dakka

Darren Bogus

Darren Bogus Helbrute

I’ve built the Helbrute this week, and completed gap filling with liquid greenstuff. In respect, I probably should have assembled him with plastic cement instead of super glue. I also primed the model black to prepare it for painting.

Twitter: darrenbogus


39999 Dreadnought

This week was all about the prep work/build. He was already magnetized, so I was cleaning up the model, assembling the missile launcher, and adding some brass etch. I even got started on the painting a bit…

Dreadtober – Contemptor Style



Mike Helbrute for Dreadtober

My latest WIP has the Helbrute nearly completely base coated with initial highlights in place. For more shots and WIP check out my Twitter.

Twitter: Mike_Schreiner  | Blog:


Got the build pretty much done on both of them. Just need a little more filling and touch up with putty.



Dean Kelly

I’ve completed re-construction of the models and added some basing material. They’re still sporting their original “bought from eBay” paint jobs and will be resprayed and overpainted next.

Dean Kelly Killa Kans

More information is available on my blog at:



So here are my WIP photos for the build week. As you can see I added did a little repositioning of the legs to help the contemptor look like he was moving forward and look a bit more aggressive.


Additionally, I added the World Eaters iconography from the Forgeworld etched brass set. The skulls on the left shoulder are from the GW skulls bitz blister and the chain is just jewelry chain I picked up from the hobby shop. Finally, I sculpted the ablative armor nodes on the left leg using greenstuff. All in all, a few simple modifications that I think give the model a lot more character. I’m stoked to start painting!

Blog: 30khobbyblog


Modian 7th Dread

Pressing on with Brother Nihilus – finished up the line highlighting and marble effect on his right shoulder, and now on the detail work with the reds and golds!


Jamie Searle

Jamie Dreadtober Dreadnought

Building has gone great on my Deathwatch Dread, I got him finished by the middle of the week. Had some trouble with my planned Deathwatch style shoulder pad, my greenstuff sculpting wasn’t good enough. Still need to work something out there. I have also started on basecoating.

Twitter: DrakePoldragon  | Blog:



Progress hasn’t been as fast as I’d planned but the Sonic Dreadnaught is coming together. He still needs more greenstuff before he’s ready for paint but I feel this is the key stage so I don’t mind spending a little longer on it, even if it means I end up missing next week’s deadline as well. He’s certainly proving to be one of the most fun conversions I’ve tackled in a while. As ever I’m keen to get feedback from the rest of the Dreadtober participants so if you’ve got any thoughts on the model so far please head over to the blog and let me know.

Cracking The WIP – Dreadtober Part 1



Thomas' Converted Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought

I’ve done all conversion work on the model and are getting ready to start painting it. Why a fifth Helbrute? I want to run the Helfist Murderpack!
The latest WIP post



Building a complete, modern Forge World model has been exciting for me. The only other experience with FW models was when I made the old (resin!) Valkyrie in the early 2000’s.

Andrew Dart Contemptor Dreadnought

This contemptor dreadnought will be the centerpiece for my new force of Imperial Fists. I’m hoping to portray the entire force as veteran soldiers, their armor ancient relics from past campaigns. As a result in mixing in Mk IV armor, contemptors, and other “relics” into my standard 40k force. I haven’t done anything special to the model as I think it’s wonderfully designed as it is – though I will have to repair a knee plate I accidentally cracked.

More shots of my progress and ongoing campaign (with friend and Dreadtober contributor Kyle.Haydon) can be found on my Instagram: @hobbyvices

Blog: | Instagram: hobbyvices


CJ Catellax

I took my Castellax apart this week so that I can clean it up and give it a bit less static pose.


Harry Wagstaff

Gradually getting the suits built, although I’ve had a bit of a delay in getting them magnetised. Nearly ready to prime them ready to paint next week though!



G+: HarryWagstaff


Wolfsherz Dreadtober

Im almost finished my second skin layer by the end of week one which is a pretty good progress for me . So i have two weeks left over to get skin and carapace done, then paint all the small details and then finish the base in the last week. Looks like i am just in time.

Twitter: Wolfsherz  | Blog: | Instagram: wolfsherz._

Dan from The Narrative Guys

Dan Narrative Guys Dreadtober

This week I am head on goals and somehow my test models turned into part of the project. So now I am doing a team of three Imperial Fist Contemptors. The bases are done and they are all yellow.

Facebook: NarrativeGuys 


I have had 3 dreads at various stages of finished-ness so I’m using #Dreadtober as motivation to complete these models.

Paul Graddon Dreads

So far I have been working on laying down a basecoat on the least completed pieces, and little shading work and chipping the paint work.

Facebook: paul.graddon.5

Andrzej Mezynski

Current Status: I’ve put first coat of base paint on all model so far, this weekend I will add secondary colours – will decide on which gold to use (will probably go with old fashioned balthasar+gehenna combo).


Why I chose this model? I wanted to do something bigger than standard Dreadnaught – condition was simple – must be loyalist and must be usable in my future armies. Besides been just reading the new Grey Knights book, so the answer was simple 🙂

Twitter: AndrzejMezynski


PopCultureCube Glotkin

Got him all assembled and the worst cracks filled. Primer/basecoat is also applied, as is a wash of Athonian Camoshade. Chose the Glottkin because I’ve had him nearly 2 years and it’s an intimidating model – time to bust him out and get him on the table!

Twitter: popculturecube | Instagram: popculture_cube


2501 Deathwatch Dreadnought

I completed assembly this weekend (the last thing to go on was an Imperial Fists logo), and during the week I’ve been painting it in bits and pieces.

More assembly pics at




One furioso that will be a Death Company furioso and one TL Lascannon dread to give some fire support.

Twitter: makkeru | Blog:

Rob @ iToysoldiers

Rob iToySoldiers Dreadnought

So I have to admit, right now the progress is pretty much pedestrian. I have it on a temporary base (pending acquisition of the Sector Imperialis bases that I’ve orders). The next stage is priming this bad boy with matte black spray. I use Krylon for this kinda thing (or more accurately, all kinds of work).

Link to more (along with commentary):

Twitter: iToysoldiers  | Blog: | Instagram: iToysoldiers

Dave Mary

Built and primed the Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought from the Death Masque boxed set. I magnetized the gun arm and used tacky putty to keep plastic areas clean for later gluing with plastic cement.

Possibly getting ahead of myself…but I had a couple sessions this week and made additional progress…


Painted head and front panel enough to assemble the sarcophagus.  Then got carried away painting trim and details!




Marine dreadtober, after missing the first week away in canada with work. A quick progressing project for me.

Twitter: wolf86sven


Savs first dreadnought

Here is my guy all primed up. A few dinks and scratches added. Never done a dreadnought before so I bought one and hey presto dreadtober comes along. Ooh spookey!

Twitter: sav10g 


Matt B Contemptor Dreadnought

Building as part of the Betrayal at Calth set as it’s a good introduction to 30k. Definitely looking to buy some fireworks stuff going forward!

Instagram: ultramarine__blue



Finished the assembly of my Dark Angels Deathwatch dreadnought despite already being a bit behind due to work. The reason I’m doing a DA dreadnought is because I’ve always been a fan of the dark angels and the lore behind them and he’ll fit wonderfully with my already completed dreadnought for my deathwatch army.



I have just posted my progress with the BaC Plastic Contemptor. I am going to follow my usual Relictors palette to get this one done and off the huge To-Do pile.




As this dread came to me pre built i naturally took him apart.  Repositioned the arms into a more dynamic pose and clawed the left foot. All subtle changes but really helps break the stiffness of these models.

Twitter: jtuvminis



I’m pretty far in my build, the leviathan I will be painting I’m going to try some new weathering techniques that I haven’t tried. Check back on my Twitter @ultima_ant for more pics!

Twitter: ultima_ant



48 hours late, but Bob’s up and walking, sorry about the delay

Twitter: sonofultramar | Blog:

Adam Abramowicz


Between unpacking and setting back up my studio, I was able to build up this dreadnought.

Blog: | Facebook: beyondthebrushstudios | Instagram: beyondthebrushstudios



Just joined in and building up this beast.

Instagram: Relic_Knights_Studio

Rob J


I was gifted the models of the Dark Vengeance set by my Sister and Brother-in-law. Since I have a wife and three young children, I hobby on a budget and nothing can be wasted. I am attempting to convert this Hellbrute into an acceptable proxy for a Venerable Dreadnaught for my Dark Angels.

Other Participants

The following are those who have signed up and either haven’t been able to start yet (some are on honeymoons! or moving 🙁 ) or not yet replied (if that’s you, reply to the email!).

  • Matt K.
  • Greg Zeitlin
  • J.R.
  • Matt
  • The Drill Abbot
  • Skyfyre
  • DandyPandy
  • Zork
  • Tibbs
  • Jack Shrapnel
  • Karl Hungis
  • NafNaf
  • Greggles
  • David Raghanti
  • Reuben
  • Rob aka Voracious Gamer
  • Chris
  • Mike
  • Gothmog
  • Xach
  • JF Dubeau
  • Ruleslawyer
  • Andrew Taylor
  • James
  • Ryan
  • Tarron
  • Will

Did I miss yours?

At the time of writing this, there are 91 people signed up Dreadtober. Which is both awesome and a bit overwhelming! So if I didn’t get your pledge posted above (or got it messed up), sorry and just let me know! Look for an email like “Dreadtober Challenge #1: Call for Showcase” and hit reply, or leave a comment below.

Prepare to Paint

This wraps up Dreadtober Challenge #2: Build Your Model. Congrats to everyone who completed the challenge!

If you are ‘falling behind’* don’t beat yourself up as life happens and this is supposed to be a fun hobby challenge. Do what, and when, you can and set your own pace.

 * I put it in ‘air quotes’ because, as I said, this is a fun hobby challenge. These weekly challenges are only meant to provide guidance and milestone encouragement. If you operate at a different pace, then don’t worry about it!

Want to get started and join in? It’s never too late (well Oct 31st might be!). Fill in the form below and I will send you info on how to partake – we will be excited to have you!