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Guest Author D Powers on the Mindset of Painting

Guest Post: The mindset of painting

Hallo!  D Power from I’m Alone with a Dream here.  In this guest post, I’d like to ramble on a bit about a favored hobby horse; the mindset behind PAINTING. I’ve known of people starting out collecting and painting wargaming miniatures with high hopes and great excitement. Later they become frustrated with what, in truth, is their own style of painting that’s trying to develop– while they repress it with images of what they think is “correct.” Something like what the ‘Eavy Metal studio has produced. While you get neither points nor bad marks for imitating someone’s work you admire, you should not be discouraged from being yourself. Nobody is Norman Rockwell A veteran illustrator friend of mine told me of a time when Norman Rockwell was so popular that everyone tried to imitate him, putting others down for not copying the “proper” style.  While this peer pressure isn’t quite so present in the wargaming community, some people tend to think it is, and that’s sad really. Time passed, and because nobody was Norman Rockwell, nobody …