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How to Paint White - AdMech Style

Painting AdMech Part 2 – The White Sections

Hey, everyone! Ben here again from Moosehead Studios with the second and final part of my painting AdMech articles (for now, at least). In this article, I am going to cover the second-largest section of my Skitarii Vanguard and Rangers: the white sections. If you missed the first article it is where I painted the blue sections. White is one of the most difficult colors to paint, right up there with yellow and black. What I have discovered works best for me is to build up layers on whatever it is that I am painting and trick the eye into believing that what it is seeing on the model is pure white cleverly applied instead of several layers of different colors built on top of each other. And I can’t stress this enough when painting white: it is always better to apply several thinned layers of paint instead of one thick. I mean, this is the cardinal rule of painting as spoken by the one and only Duncan Rhodes (@WHTV_Dunc on Twitter). When you are …

Community Question on how to paint black and white

Community Questions: Painting Tips for Black and White

Mixing it up a bit today. Rather than share a post with you, I’m looking for your thoughts on painting the ‘hard’ colors: Black and White. As I’ve been building up the blog, I’ll get a ping on Facebook or email with hobby questions, and the one I get the most is how to paint black or how to paint white. Both are hard colors in the sense of highlighting or shading without it looking too harsh. So I turn to you, my awesome readers. What are your favorite tips for painting black or white? Post them in the comments below so everyone can learn. Have a tutorial as well? Post the link!