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Realm Gates Tutorial

Good Reads Week 26

Welcome to another week of Good Reads where I showcase a handful of great blog posts from the last few weeks by other amazing bloggers. Check out the posts, hit up their blogs, and hopefully I can share something you may have missed. Cleaning Resin I’ve personally only done small accessories in resin, but I’ve seen plenty of problems with building and painting with it. TheBigGoldFish put together a post on cleaning resin kits to make sure that all your hard work stays put. NovaOpen Grots Greg is incredible with his Orks. Between painting them with washes and extreme weather of his walkers, his Orks look incredible. He just finished painting an incredible looking unit of Grots – that’s right, Grots – for NovaOpen. Painting the Realm Gates The Realm Gates are an iconic part of the new Age of Sigmar and some great looking scenery pieces to fight over. Tyler M. of Mengel Miniatures put together a great tutorial on how he painted his up. It is fairly quick but looks great. Magnetising the Stormhawk The …