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tall Pegasus Gothic Buildings for 40k

Pegasus Gothic Buildings for 40k Terrain

So when I first saw people use Pegasus Gothic Buildings for 40k, I thought it was a fantastic alternative/union with the Games Workshop kits, so I ordered a whole bunch of them to add some tall terrain for my Knight Titan to hide behind. While I finished these a while ago, I’ve been waiting for a way to take pictures of them as they wouldn’t fit in my home-made light box. After buying some dark cloth and flood lights from Home Depot, I am in business! These are fantastic kits and only $25 or so on Amazon: Pegasus Gothic Building Kit. I think I ordered two of the Gothic Ruin sets, both of the Small Sets, and two of the Large sets which not only built both of these buildings, but I have pieces reserved for an extended cathedral, so they go a very long way. One of the neat little bits that come with the kits is a bunch of lamps and torches which I practiced my object source lighting on to mixed effect. One thing …