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Jenny Barnes PDF Tutorial

Hey guys, in case you missed it earlier this week, I put together a downloadable painting guide for Jenny Barnes as a PDF. It provides the step-by-step tutorial on how I painted her but also adds the paint recipes used. Even if you don’t like the miniature itself, could you do me a favor and check out the downloadable tutorial? I am looking at making more of these for future tutorials and would love to get your feedback on style, size, and picture types. Why PDF Tutorials and not just blog posts? In part, it’s all Adam’s fault with his Golden D6 magazine. He was able to take one of my blog post tutorials and add even more to it by removing the limitations of the web page (or at least my abilities with web development). You can check out my review on issue three here This is all part of an experiment I’m running with Broken Paintbrush this year on providing more tutorials and other ways to help hobbyist improve their skills. If you …