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Painting Guide Kate Winthrop

Painting Kate Winthrop – Mansions of Madness Investigator

I’m back with another Mansions of Madness painting tutorial, this week with Kate Winthrop. Kate is a supporting investigator, the scientist who makes uncovering clues and solving puzzles much faster for the investigator team. As I’ve been exploring different skin tone options as well as wanting a diversified investigator team, I decided to paint Kate with a dark skin tone. I also explore some of the shaded basecoat technique where you paint a few layers of highlights before washing it back down. Step 1 – Base Coats So the model was prepped by removing the grotesque number of mold lines and attempted to fill in a few seems. She was then primed with white primer spray and let dry. The main color sections were blocked out. This allows me to get a sense of how she will look in the end and rebalance colors if needed. The skin started with the dark Mahagony brown, the dress a nice deep purple, and of course the lab coat with an off-white base. Colors Skin: Model Color Mahagony Brown …