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Golden D6 Review - Quality Content

Golden D6 Review Issue 3

How many of you remember a time of big White Dwarf magazines chock full of tutorials, battle reports, and jaw-dropping conversions? Not that I’m bashing on the new iteration of the WD (the weekly hit is nice), but over the years, the community spirit has been substantially depleted. This is why I’m so excited for what Adam from SprueGrey is doing and why I put together a Golden D6 review. For those who haven’t seen, The Golden D6 is a hobby magazine written by bloggers and pulled together by Adam Jones with the help of ex-White Dwarf Matt Weaver. This is his third issue and packed full of goodies. A bit of a disclaimer: Adam has been kind enough to feature me in his magazine, including this one. Also, if you buy a copy of The Golden D6 through my link Adam also pays me a portion of the sale. So if you buy a copy, you get an awesome hobby magazine, Adam get a sale and can continue his mad plan to build a media empire, …