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Hobby on the Couch - Ork Style

Orks in Progress and Hobby on the Couch

There is nothing as satisfying as painting Orks. Ok, there are plenty of things that are more satisfying, BUT they are a blast to paint. Especially when done on the couch with a glass of whiskey. As a way to restore some hobby time from the sprint that was Dreadtober, I’ve been working on a couple of the Orks that have been lingering in the Closet of Doom (TM Mordian7th). The simple and crude nature of Orks makes them quick to paint and rather fun. I also wanted something I could work on while watching movies with the family. It’s how I painted a bunch of the Tyranids before and figured why can’t Orks watch a flick or two as well? Megaboss When I saw the Orruk Megaboss I knew I needed one for my growing Ork hoard. That is something as I haven’t had a ‘must buy’ impulse for new miniatures in a while. At the time I did an unboxing video and some rough ideas on how I would turn him into a 40k …

Killa Kan with big shoota - front

Little Stompies: Killa Kans

Adding some numbers to my growing ork machines are a rag-tag squad of Killa Kans from the Sanctus Reach box set. Say hello to Hickory, Dickory, and Doc! (names via my very supportive wife) These are in line with my Deffdread: lots of rusty armor, sections of ‘lucky’ blue and the odd section of stolen icons here and there. I put together a painting guide with my second squad of Killa Kans if you want to see how I did the colors. First up is Hickory with this big shoota and buzz saw. Probably the worst choice of weapons in the box and someday will need to switch it to a missile launch or something. I built all three models without their base so I could paint it separate. After finishing the Killa Kans, I found a base that matched best with each model. Hickory got a base with a large step that matched well with his gait. The bases are from Secret Weapon Miniatures‘ Iron Deck series. The Killa Kans have such great, cobbled together look, they were …