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Primed and painted hound of Tindalos

Painting the Hounds of Tindalos

This week returns to one of the odder monsters in the Mansions of Madness: the Hounds of Tindalos. The hounds were added into the Cthulu mythos by Frank Belknap Long and have never had an ‘official’ description or look. The closest I could find was that they have blue ichor. Fantasy Flight Games (the maker of MoM) decided to go with a serpentine look and mishappen arms. No one has awarded them with the greatest sculpts, but I made the most of it and went with lava or inner fire for the bodies and almost neon blue for the mouth and eyes. Painting the Hounds of Tindalos A quick note: don’t have time to read this now or want to save it for later? I created a downloadable PDF that I can email you for later. Fill in the subscribe box at the bottom and give it a look. Why lava skin? Well, in short because I haven’t had a chance to do so to this point, and I thought the articulated plates would lend themselves well …