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Good Reads 35 by Broken Paintbrush

Good Reads 35

It’s time for another selection of amazing posts from your fellow hobby bloggers. You don’t want to miss these Good Reads. Treelord Ancient The new Sylvaneth (treemen) are some amazing kits and if I didn’t have just a huge backlog, I would have jumped in on their release. But Turkadactyl is going full bore with his trees, painting them in a bright spring color scheme, complete with cherry blossom pink. Reaper Minis You may remember Sean’s post on Oldhammer, but it’s not just old Citadel models he pines over. He posted up his collection of old Reaper minis full of old-time character but with great, modern painting. Xiphon Interceptor Complete Forge World makes some great looking flyers, even Space Marines get flyers that look like they could actually fly. Gothmog painted up a nice Xiphon Interceptor for his Blood Angles that looks brilliant in all that red. Iron Circle I am a long time Iron Warriors fanboy, and of course picked up Angel Exterminatus. The Iron Circle was only mentioned a few times but they sounded so cool. …

Primed and painted hound of Tindalos

Painting the Hounds of Tindalos

This week returns to one of the odder monsters in the Mansions of Madness: the Hounds of Tindalos. The hounds were added into the Cthulu mythos by Frank Belknap Long and have never had an ‘official’ description or look. The closest I could find was that they have blue ichor. Fantasy Flight Games (the maker of MoM) decided to go with a serpentine look and mishappen arms. No one has awarded them with the greatest sculpts, but I made the most of it and went with lava or inner fire for the bodies and almost neon blue for the mouth and eyes. Painting the Hounds of Tindalos A quick note: don’t have time to read this now or want to save it for later? I created a downloadable PDF that I can email you for later. Fill in the subscribe box at the bottom and give it a look. Why lava skin? Well, in short because I haven’t had a chance to do so to this point, and I thought the articulated plates would lend themselves well …