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Watch This: Painting Basics

In today’s Watch This we are going back to painting basics with NPCChris. This is a great video for anyone just starting out with painting, but also anyone who just wants to review the basics of painting a model. With the Watch This series, I look for videos that help with various aspects of our hobby that I want to share with you. I then embed the YouTube video below for you to watch – but don’t miss the notes I put together below the video. After watching the video myself a few times, I write up the highlights from the video for your reference. So let’s jump in and watch Chris share painting basics while he paints up his Troll. Painting Basics Notes I’ve put the following notes├é┬átogether from Chris’ video. This can help recap what you watched or summarize the different points he brings up. All models have three basic layers of paint: the base coat, highlights, and a shade. Can be done in different orders Single layer (wash) or multiple Prime your …