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Painting Space Marine Banner Tutorial

Tutorial: Painting Custom Space Marine Banner for Mentor Legion

Today I have a tutorial on painting custom Space Marine banner, in this case for my Mentor Legion but the ideas could be easily transferred to any Space Marine chapter. Before beginning, I had to first think of a design for the banner itself. I scoured the codex for ideas and did the obligatory google searches. The general idea I decided on was similar to the Raven Guard banner in the codex: I also found a handy PDF on Bell of Lost Souls (I know…) that had real basic banner designs for each company. So with a rough idea of what I wanted, I then dug through my pile of water transfers to find the starting point of each element. Water transfers? Yeah, I am still working on my freehand so I like to use water transfers as the base idea and work off of them, kind of like coloring books 🙂 Like these sort of tutorials? Make sure to sign up for my newsletter. Not only will it keep you up to date on Broken …

Mentor Legion Company Command Banner

Mentor Legion Company Command Squad for the Second Company

I have completed my Mentor Legion Company Command Squad led by the Master of the Watch, Captain Rothn Ryn. At one point Games Workshop released a four-pack of the ‘masters,’ four metal space marine captains that created an Apocalypse formation (before the current formation styles). This is the Captain of the Second Company, the Master of the Watch with subtle conversions such as the helmeted head and winged skull on the backpack. The Master of the Watch is responsible for the protection of the Fortress Monastery and the chapter’s relics. As such he is armed for defense with his storm shield and symbolic key to the keep. There is just something about Space Marines with capes. One of the cool things about the Mentor Legion is their vague background and history of working with other chapters. So when I was reading through the Space Marine codex for ideas on how to build out my chapter, I liked the idea of using the different chapter characters as baselines for each captain. Being armed with a storm shield and …